location of Tart distribution folder is hardcoded

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Peter Hansen
repo owner created an issue

Currently the tart utility requires a tart.ini file, expecting it in your "root" working folder, and it expects the tart/ binary distribution folder to be found in the same location.

To support other configurations, and environments where multiple versions of the binary distribution are available (in case some apps haven't been upgraded to a newer version), individual tart-project.ini files should be able to specify a version and/or location (probably the latter) for the distro.

Alternatively, since the bin/ folder will be distributed in the tart.zip file, maybe the utility should figure out that it's running from inside a tart folder that was unpacked as part of the distribution, and look no further.

I'm sure there's something fairly simple and obvious that should be done... just can't think straight after two long days of coding.

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