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blackberry-py / Documentation Overview

Project Documentation

To help us keep it organized, and help you figure out what to read, this page gives an overview of most of the wiki pages which document the BlackBerry Python project.

  • Home: top landing page for the wiki, project summary
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
  • NDK Tutorial: placeholder for a future "how to" on the NDK
  • Documentation Change History: log of major changes to the documentation
  • Documentation Overview: this page

Miscellaneous Project Pages:

Tart Documentation

Working with Tart:

Sample Apps:

BlackBerry 10 Documentation

We provide a few pages supplementing BlackBerry's own documentation, where we don't feel the existing docs are particularly clear or concise.

PySide Documentation Overview

Sample Apps:

Obsolete Pages

  • Build Instructions: how to build the original launcher using Momentics
  • SampleCode: code based on an early prototype environment using the Qnx/Python entry point