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blackberry-py / NDK Tutorial

BlackBerry Native SDK Tutorial

Although you need to use only a tiny subset of the full NDK,
that subset of useful tools is currently coupled tightly to
the much heavier-weight and complicated Momentics IDE and the NDK.

Over the next while, we'll include links and other material
to help walk you through how to install the NDK, obtain
signing keys (a required step unless you'll never run your
app other than on the simulator), and package and deploy your
apps on the device or simulator.

Our primary documentation for the Tart project has almost reached
a first milestone, and as soon as it does we'll shift some attention
back here. Until then, make use of the BlackBerry support forums
and other resources to guide you through it all.

Note: one stray thing to consider (and noted here provisionally) is that
the NDK includes a copy of Python 2.7 for some reason, and it will likely
interfere with the Python 3.2 that you'll need installed to work properly
with Tart. Consider renaming python.exe in the NDK to python.exe.unused
to get it out of the way. This appears to have no bad side effects...