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Aaron Johnson
created an issue

The default options set in utils do not define an mgrid dict. So, mgrid.js throws "TypeError: Cannot read property '<mgrid property>' of undefined." in two places:

  • _init: line 67 - if (options.mGrid.filter_toolbar)
  • _init_form_editing: line 108 - $(this).jqGrid('navGrid', options.pager, options.mGrid.pager_options...

_init_inline_editing avoids throwing this error by checking that mGrid is defined first: line 113 - if (!options.mGrid || !options.mGrid.automatic_inline_editing)

I think the issue is in There are three places where mGrid can be added to the options returned by get_grid_final_options. All three places are conditional:

if self._grid_options.filtering_toolbar:
if self._grid_options.pager_selector:
if self._grid_options.automatic_inline_editing:

All of those options are set to either False or None, so mGrid is not added as an option as a default.

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