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Perry Metzger  committed b580f8f

Fix/simplify the Applescript invocation
Comment out the code for openUp which is probably no longer needed

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 # run applescript
 if [ ! -z "${APPLESCRIPT}" -a "${APPLESCRIPT}" != "-null-" ]; then
-#	osascript "${APPLESCRIPT}"
-    #   pass the applescript our volume name and our artwork path, to its process_disk_image function
-    echo "Running Applescript: ./AdiumApplescriptRunner \"${APPLESCRIPT}\" process_disk_image \"${VOLUME_NAME}\""
-    ./AdiumApplescriptRunner "${APPLESCRIPT}" process_disk_image "${VOLUME_NAME}" "${ART_PATH}" || true
+    echo "Running Applescript \"${APPLESCRIPT}\" on \"${VOLUME_NAME}\""
+    # replace placeholder in applescript with our volume name
+    sed "s/\"DISKNAME\"/\"${VOLUME_NAME}\"/" < "${APPLESCRIPT}" | osascript -
     echo "Done running the applescript..."
 chmod -Rf go-w "${MOUNT_DIR}" || true
 # make the top window open itself on mount:
-if [ -x /usr/local/bin/openUp ]; then
-    /usr/local/bin/openUp "${MOUNT_DIR}"
+# XXX Source is in ../Tools/openUp, however, this no longer seems needed.
+#if [ -x /usr/local/bin/openUp ]; then
+#    /usr/local/bin/openUp "${MOUNT_DIR}"
 # unmount
 echo "Unmounting disk image..."