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                   'int' : IntegerFormat(data),
                   'float' : FloatFormat(data, precision, suppress_small),
                   'longfloat' : LongFloatFormat(precision),
-                  #'complexfloat' : ComplexFormat(data, precision,
-                  #                               suppress_small),
-                  #'longcomplexfloat' : LongComplexFormat(precision),
+                  'complexfloat' : ComplexFormat(data, precision,
+                                                 suppress_small),
+                  'longcomplexfloat' : LongComplexFormat(precision),
                   'datetime' : DatetimeFormat(data),
                   'timedelta' : TimedeltaFormat(data),
                   'numpystr' : repr_format,


 PTR = rffi.CCHARP
 if _CYGWIN:
-    c_malloc, _ = external('malloc', [size_t], PTR)
-    c_free, _ = external('free', [PTR], lltype.Void)
+    # XXX: macro=True hack for newer versions of Cygwin (as of 12/2012)
+    c_malloc, _ = external('malloc', [size_t], PTR, macro=True)
+    c_free, _ = external('free', [PTR], lltype.Void, macro=True)
 c_memmove, _ = external('memmove', [PTR, PTR, size_t], lltype.Void)
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