Freeagent Attachment Downloader

A quick and dirty script to download all Freeagent attachments from trasactions and expenses.

You will need a Freeagent app id. You can obtain one by going to:

This should then be set in the config.php file. You can copy the config-template.php and fill in the necessary values.

To run a local PHP server, use the command:

php -S localhost:8080

You can use a different port if you like, but the Oauth callback should be changed to match the url you have set here.

Finally, visit http://localhost:8080/ to start the download process.

The script will download all attachments from the account you authorize, and store them under the current directory in downloads/{account}/{month}/{attachment file}


This script uses the Freeagent-PHP client from

Feel free to use the code for any purpose, no warranty implied.

Code is licenced under the MIT license.