Poker Hand Comparison

Author: Mike McNorton

Written on 64 bit OS X Mountain Lion.

All Code was written by myself except for the UnitTest++ framework 

I chose UnitTest++ because of it's cross platform support and ease of use. It can be easily integrated to a build system by running and reading the return value which is the number of failed tests. The human readable information is printed to the screen. It will also handle exceptions and consider that test a fail and not break the build. Build can read return value and decide if it should continue or fail.

To run the program:
'make main' followed by ./main

To run the tests:
'make mainTest' followed by ./mainTest

NOTE: the UnitTest++ library may have to be recompiled for your environment. Go to UnitTest++ folder and run make all. This will ensure make mainTest completes.

To compile all:
'make all' will compile the tests and the main driver program. This will not compile the UnitTest++ framework which must be done by running make all under the UnitTest++ folder.