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Welcome to the wiki for the Moneydance Budget Report Extension

What does the extension do

The 'new' format for budgets within Moneydance can be set up with one of four periods:

  • Weekly - The budget has an entry for each week with the week starting on Monday
  • Bi-weekly - The budget has an entry for each fortnight where the first Monday in the calendar year is the start of the first fortnight
  • Monthly - The budget has an entry for each calendar month, i.e the 1st to 28th/29th/30th/31st depending on the month
  • Annual - The budget has an entry for each year,i.e the 1st Jan to 31st Dec.

This extension produces a report of budgeted figures verses actual for any period. The individual columns will reflect the type of Period selected for the Budget. You can choose which categories and accounts are included in the report.

This extension also allows you to roll up actuals into parent categories where you have entered a budget at the higher level.


This wiki has an overview of how to use this extension. Start with the introduction