Thesis plan

Chapter 1 (introduction)

Set the scene Why snow is important Motivation Conditions required for snow and likely synoptic set up for snow fall/accumulation. Aims and objectives - crucially; how I achieve them

Chapter 2 (data description)

What do we need data for?

Perhaps change headings so they cover snow, precip, temp and other? Would make it easier to have a few sentences about alternative datasets and why I choose the ones I did.

SSGB transcription SSGB stations, longest records, trends, snow days/elevation curves

Chapter 3 (data validation)

SSGB three close stations SSGB snow elevation curves SSGB through time SSGB vs Bonacina SSGB vs MOgrid SSGB vs MODIS Water balance for Mar Lodge OS Terrain50 vs Panorama

Chapter 4 (NAO)

Why consider NAO? (what else is it used for?) Why is it useful? Where else considers NAO or other circulation patterns? Intro to data not previously described NAO to temp and precipitation Nation wide Drill down to specific locations Importance of results

Chapter 5 (Modelling)

Modelling specific data validation? e.g. CEH GEAR missing precip Data preparation Model schematic Equifinality of simple model, likely lumped elevations Model melts snow too quickly to match 50% cover of SSGB obs Incorporation of density and depth Stochastic model run - likely parameter sets? Running on a grid and comparing to SSGB

Chapter 6 (Stats and model results)

Areas of highest potential snowmelt, do these just correlate with elevation? Which winters had higher melts, did these correspond to colder or warmer years? Possibly need to aggregate melt nationwide Can the model output say anything about the 2010 vs 2013 winters? Maximum stored snow? How do they compare to 1992 winter?

Chapter 7 (Discussion & conclusion)

What other avenues?