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finish "advantage for commercial projects" and "Why choose Mercurial?",
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     <para id="x_9a">中心化版本控制系统不可避免会造成更低的可伸展性。如果只
-      有少于12人的队伍,一般不会选用一款昂贵的中心化系统来开始工作。
+      有少于12人的队伍,一般不会选用一款昂贵的中心化系统来开始工作。而且,
+      一次标准的响应往往是大开销和笨重的复制。
       Centralised revision control systems tend to have
       relatively low scalability.  It's not unusual for an expensive
       centralised system to fall over under the combined load of
       replication to balance load becomes a simple matter of
-    <para id="x_9b">If you have an employee in the field, troubleshooting a
-      problem at a customer's site, they'll benefit from distributed
-      revision control. The tool will let them generate custom
-      builds, try different fixes in isolation from each other, and
-      search efficiently through history for the sources of bugs and
-      regressions in the customer's environment, all without needing
-      to connect to your company's network.</para>
+    <para id="x_9b">假设你有这么一个员工,他正在查找客户网站上的一个问题,
+      他们将会从分布式版本控制中受益良多。因为这使得为各个客户单独的生成
+      一个版本成了可能,他可以尝试各种不同的修正方法而不会影响到别人,而
+      且即使在客户那里也能方便快速的查找代码和Bug修正的履历信息,所有的一
+      切都不需要访问你公司的网站。</para>
-  <title>Why choose Mercurial?</title>
+  <title>为什么选用Mercurial</title>
-  <para id="x_9c">Mercurial has a unique set of properties that make it a
-    particularly good choice as a revision control system.</para>
+  <para id="x_9c">Mercurial有着需要独特的特性,这使得它成为了你选择版本控
+    制系统时的一个绝佳选择。</para>
-    <listitem><para id="x_9d">It is easy to learn and use.</para></listitem>
-    <listitem><para id="x_9e">It is lightweight.</para></listitem>
-    <listitem><para id="x_9f">It scales excellently.</para></listitem>
-    <listitem><para id="x_a0">It is easy to
-        customise.</para></listitem></itemizedlist>
+    <listitem><para id="x_9d">易学易用。</para></listitem>
+    <listitem><para id="x_9e">轻量。</para></listitem>
+    <listitem><para id="x_9f">极佳的伸缩性。</para></listitem>
+    <listitem><para id="x_a0">定制容易。</para></listitem></itemizedlist>
-  <para id="x_a1">If you are at all familiar with revision control systems,
-    you should be able to get up and running with Mercurial in less
-    than five minutes.  Even if not, it will take no more than a few
-    minutes longer.  Mercurial's command and feature sets are
-    generally uniform and consistent, so you can keep track of a few
-    general rules instead of a host of exceptions.</para>
+  <para id="x_a1">只要你熟知版本控制系统,你就能在5分钟内掌握并开始使用它。
+    就算你不熟悉,那也多花不了你几分钟。Mercurial的命令和特性非常统一和一致,
+    所以你不用记住那些个“例外”,只要掌握一些基本法则就可以掌握它。</para>
-  <para id="x_a2">On a small project, you can start working with Mercurial in
-    moments. Creating new changes and branches; transferring changes
-    around (whether locally or over a network); and history and
-    status operations are all fast.  Mercurial attempts to stay
-    nimble and largely out of your way by combining low cognitive
-    overhead with blazingly fast operations.</para>
+  <para id="x_a2">@TR 对于一个小项目,你可以立刻开始使用Mercurial。对代码
+    做一些变更, 建一些分支,然后输送这些变更(本地或者网络的),所有这些
+    操作都非常快。Mercurial尽量保证它的敏捷性,同时凭借它的操作的快捷性和
+    直观性,让用户很自然的接受它。</para>
-  <para id="x_a3">The usefulness of Mercurial is not limited to small
-    projects: it is used by projects with hundreds to thousands of
-    contributors, each containing tens of thousands of files and
-    hundreds of megabytes of source code.</para>
+  <para id="x_a3">当然,Mercurial的实用性并非仅仅局限在小型项目中。现在它
+    正在为贡献者已达上百甚至上千,代码数量成百上千兆的项目中服务。</para>
-  <para id="x_a4">If the core functionality of Mercurial is not enough for
-    you, it's easy to build on.  Mercurial is well suited to
-    scripting tasks, and its clean internals and implementation in
-    Python make it easy to add features in the form of extensions.
-    There are a number of popular and useful extensions already
-    available, ranging from helping to identify bugs to improving
-    performance.</para>
+  <para id="x_a4">如果你觉得Mercurial的核心功能还不足以满意你的需求,Mercurial
+    也可以简单的实现你所需要的功能。Mercurial可以是很适合添加脚本任务的,
+    它自身就是用Python来实现的,这使得它不但内部构造简洁,而且也很容易使用
+    扩展(Extension)来增加特性。现在已经有很多流行而且有用的扩展了,有的
+    可以帮助你指出错误,也有增强性能的。</para>
-  <title>Mercurial compared with other tools</title>
+  <title>Mercurial相比其他工具</title>
-  <para id="x_a5">Before you read on, please understand that this section
-    necessarily reflects my own experiences, interests, and (dare I
-    say it) biases.  I have used every one of the revision control
-    tools listed below, in most cases for several years at a
-    time.</para>
+  <para id="x_a5">在你阅读本节之前,你先要知道,这节的内容仅仅是根据我个人
+    的经验,兴趣和偏见(请允许我这么说……)而言的。不过我确实实际使用过下面
+    所列的所有版本控制工具,大多数场合下,我都一次使用过几年。</para>