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-      <title>Changesets, revisions, and talking to other
-	people</title>
+      <title>变更集,版本以及和他人的交流</title>
-      <para id="x_25">As English is a notoriously sloppy language, and computer
-	science has a hallowed history of terminological confusion
-	(why use one term when four will do?), revision control has a
-	variety of words and phrases that mean the same thing.  If you
-	are talking about Mercurial history with other people, you
-	will find that the word <quote>changeset</quote> is often
-	compressed to <quote>change</quote> or (when written)
-	<quote>cset</quote>, and sometimes a changeset is referred to
-	as a <quote>revision</quote> or a <quote>rev</quote>.</para>
+      <para id="x_25">正如英语是一种混乱得令人发指的语言一样,计算机
+        科学也有着一段术语混乱的光辉历史(为什么该用四个术语来对应各
+        自场合的情况下,却只有一个呢?),版本控制有着各种单词和词组
+        来表示同一件事。如果你和他人在讨论Mercurial的历史,你会发现
+        <quote>变更集</quote>常常被压缩成<quote>变更</quote>或者<quote>
+        cset</quote>(通常在书写时),有时呢变更集其实又是在指<quote>
+        版本</quote>或者<quote>rev</quote></para>
-      <para id="x_26">While it doesn't matter what <emphasis>word</emphasis> you
-	use to refer to the concept of <quote>a changeset</quote>, the
-	<emphasis>identifier</emphasis> that you use to refer to
-	<quote>a <emphasis>specific</emphasis> changeset</quote> is of
-	great importance. Recall that the <literal>changeset</literal>
-	field in the output from <command role="hg-cmd">hg
-	  log</command> identifies a changeset using both a number and
-	a hexadecimal string.</para>
-      <itemizedlist>
-	<listitem><para id="x_27">The revision number is a handy
-	    notation that is <emphasis>only valid in that
-	      repository</emphasis>.</para></listitem>
-	<listitem><para id="x_28">The hexadecimal string is the
-	    <emphasis>permanent, unchanging identifier</emphasis> that
-	    will always identify that exact changeset in
-	    <emphasis>every</emphasis> copy of the
-	    repository.</para></listitem></itemizedlist>
+    <para id="x_26">但是不管你在用什么<emphasis>词汇</emphasis>来表示
+      <quote>变更集</quote>这个概念,你用来指向<quote>一个<emphasis>
+      特定的</emphasis>变更集</quote>的<emphasis>标示</emphasis>是非常
+      重要的。回忆一下<command role="hg-cmd">hg log</command>命令输出
+      中的<literal>changeset</literal>字段,它同时用数字和十六进制字符
+      串来标示一个变更集。</para>
-      <para id="x_29">This distinction is important.  If you send
-	someone an email talking about <quote>revision 33</quote>,
-	there's a high likelihood that their revision 33 will
-	<emphasis>not be the same</emphasis> as yours.  The reason for
-	this is that a revision number depends on the order in which
-	changes arrived in a repository, and there is no guarantee
-	that the same changes will happen in the same order in
-	different repositories. Three changes <literal>a,b,c</literal>
-	can easily appear in one repository as
-	<literal>0,1,2</literal>, while in another as
-	<literal>0,2,1</literal>.</para>
+    <itemizedlist>
+      <listitem><para id="x_27">版本数字是<emphasis>只在那个仓库中有效
+        的</emphasis>助记标识。</para></listitem>
+      <listitem><para id="x_28">十六进制字符串则是<emphasis>无论在哪个
+        仓库</emphasis>中都指向同一个变更集的<emphasis>永远不变的标示符
+        </emphasis>。</para></listitem>
+    </itemizedlist>
-      <para id="x_2a">Mercurial uses revision numbers purely as a convenient
-	shorthand.  If you need to discuss a changeset with someone,
-	or make a record of a changeset for some other reason (for
-	example, in a bug report), use the hexadecimal
-	identifier.</para>
+      <para id="x_29">这个区别至关重要。如果你发信给别人讨论<quote>
+        版本33</quote>,那么很大可能他们的版本33<emphasis>并不和你的
+        相同</emphasis>。因为这个数字仅仅是一个仓库中所保存的变更集的
+        一个序号罢了,并不保证其他仓库中所保存的变更集及其顺序都是一
+        致的。三个变更<literal>a,b,c</literal>很容易在一个仓库里标示
+        为<literal>0,1,2</literal>而在另一个标示为<literal>0,2,1</literal>。
+      </para>
+      <para id="x_2a">Mercurial使用版本数字仅仅是为了方便。如果你需要
+        和其他人或者为了某个原因(比如说要做一次bug报告)要对某一个变
+        更集做个留档,请使用十六进制标示符。</para>