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-      <title>Viewing specific revisions</title>
+      <title>查看特定版本</title>
-      <para id="x_2b">To narrow the output of <command role="hg-cmd">hg
-	  log</command> down to a single revision, use the <option
-	  role="hg-opt-log">-r</option> (or <option
-	  role="hg-opt-log">--rev</option>) option.  You can use
-	either a revision number or a hexadecimal identifier,
-	and you can provide as many revisions as you want.</para>
+      <para id="x_2b">你可以使用<option role="hg-opt-log">-r</option>
+        (或<option role="hg-opt-log">--rev</option>)选项来缩减
+        <command role="hg-cmd">hg log</command>命令的输出信息到某一个
+        版本。你不但可以使用版本号或者十六进制标示符,还可以指定任意
+        多的版本。</para>
-      <para id="x_2c">If you want to see the history of several revisions
-	without having to list each one, you can use <emphasis>range
-	  notation</emphasis>; this lets you express the idea <quote>I
-	  want all revisions between <literal>abc</literal> and
-	  <literal>def</literal>, inclusive</quote>.</para>
+      <para id="x_2c">如果你既想看多个版本的信息,又不想手动一个个输入,
+        你可以使用<emphasis>范围标示</emphasis>,它让你可以表达<quote>
+        我想要查看从<literal>abc</literal>到<literal>def</literal>之间
+        的所有版本,包括这两个版本本身。</quote>
-      <para id="x_2d">Mercurial also honours the order in which you specify
-	revisions, so <command role="hg-cmd">hg log -r 2:4</command>
-	prints 2, 3, and 4. while <command role="hg-cmd">hg log -r
-	  4:2</command> prints 4, 3, and 2.</para>
+    <para id="x_2d">Mercurial同样也能根据你指定版本的顺序来显示,所
+      以当输入<command role="hg-cmd">hg log -r 2:4</command>时,打印
+      顺序是2,3,4,而输入<command role="hg-cmd">hg log -r 4:2</command>
+      时,则打印4,3,2。</para>