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-    <title>A tour through history</title>
+    <title>历史之旅</title>
-    <para id="x_1b">One of the first things we might want to do with a new,
-      unfamiliar repository is understand its history.  The <command
-	role="hg-cmd">hg log</command> command gives us a view of
-      the history of changes in the repository.</para>
+    <para id="x_1b">当我们遇到一个全新的,陌生的仓库时,首要之事便是
+      了解它的历史。<command role="hg-cmd">hg log</command>命令会给出
+      这个仓库的一份详尽的变更历史清单。</para>
-    <para id="x_1c">By default, this command prints a brief paragraph of output
-      for each change to the project that was recorded.  In Mercurial
-      terminology, we call each of these recorded events a
-      <emphasis>changeset</emphasis>, because it can contain a record
-      of changes to several files.</para>
+    <para id="x_1c">这个命令默认只会打印每次变更所记录的摘要信息。用
+      Mercurial的行话来说,我们把这些记录在案的事件叫做<emphasis>变更
+      集</emphasis>,因为它每次可以记录多个文件的变更。</para>
-    <para id="x_1d">The fields in a record of output from <command
-	role="hg-cmd">hg log</command> are as follows.</para>
+    <para id="x_1d"><command role="hg-cmd">hg log</command>命令所显示
+      记录的各个字段如下所示。</para>
-      <listitem><para id="x_1e"><literal>changeset</literal>: This
-	  field has the format of a number, followed by a colon,
-	  followed by a hexadecimal (or <emphasis>hex</emphasis>)
-	  string.  These are <emphasis>identifiers</emphasis> for the
-	  changeset.  The hex string is a unique identifier: the same
-	  hex string will always refer to the same changeset in every
-	  copy of this repository. The
-	  number is shorter and easier to type than the hex string,
-	  but it isn't unique: the same number in two different clones
-	  of a repository may identify different changesets.</para>
+      <listitem><para id="x_1e"><literal>changeset</literal>:这个字段
+      是一个数字,然后是一个冒号,接着是一段十六进制字符串。这些是
+      Mercurial的变更集的识别标示。十六进制的字符串是唯一标示:相同的
+      十六进制字符串无论在哪个仓库副本里,都永远代表相同的一次变更。
+      数字是一个相比十六进制字符串精简了以便于书写的标示,不过它不是
+      唯一的:在不同的仓库复本中,相同的数字可能代表了不同的变更集。</para>
-      <listitem><para id="x_1f"><literal>user</literal>: The identity of the
-	  person who created the changeset.  This is a free-form
-	  field, but it most often contains a person's name and email
-	  address.</para></listitem>
-      <listitem><para id="x_20"><literal>date</literal>: The date and time on
-	  which the changeset was created, and the timezone in which
-	  it was created.  (The date and time are local to that
-	  timezone; they display what time and date it was for the
+      <listitem><para id="x_1f"><literal>user</literal>: 这个字段表示
+      谁创建了这个变更集。这是一个形式自由的字段,不过通常它是由用户名
+      加上邮件地址组成的。</para></listitem>
+      <listitem><para id="x_20"><literal>date</literal>: 代表创建这个变更
+      集的日期和时间,并且附有时区信息。 (The date and time are local
+      to that timezone; they display what time and date it was for the
 	  person who created the changeset.)</para></listitem>
-      <listitem><para id="x_21"><literal>summary</literal>: The first line of
-	  the text message that the creator of the changeset entered
-	  to describe the changeset.</para></listitem>
+      <listitem><para id="x_21"><literal>summary</literal>:就是创建者
+      所输入描述的第一行。</para></listitem>
-	<para id="x_67d">Some changesets, such as the first in the list above,
-	  have a <literal>tag</literal> field.  A tag is another way
-	  to identify a changeset, by giving it an easy-to-remember
-	  name. (The tag named <literal>tip</literal> is special: it
-	  always refers to the newest change in a repository.)</para>
-      </listitem>
+      <para id="x_67d">有些变更集,像上面第一个里面,有一个叫做<literal>
+      tag</literal>的字段。一个tag是另一种通过给变更取一个简单易记的
+      名字来标示变更集的方式。(被标示为<literal>tip</literal>的tag
+      是特殊的:它总是指向仓库里最新的一次变更。)</para></listitem>
-    <para id="x_22">The default output printed by <command
-	role="hg-cmd">hg log</command> is purely a summary; it is
-      missing a lot of detail.</para>
+    <para id="x_22"><command role="hg-cmd">hg log</command>默认情况下
+      输出的完全是一个概要,它遗漏了很多细节。</para>
-    <para id="x_23"><xref linkend="fig:tour-basic:history"/> provides
-      a graphical representation of the history of the <filename
-	class="directory">hello</filename> repository, to make it a
-      little easier to see which direction history is
-      <quote>flowing</quote> in.  We'll be returning to this figure
-      several times in this chapter and the chapter that
-      follows.</para>
+    <para id="x_23"><xref linkend="fig:tour-basic:history"/>提供了
+      <filename class="directory">hello</filename>仓库的图形化的表现,
+      这样可以更简单的显示出历史是怎么流动的。我们将在本章以及以后一
+      些章节中多次提到此图。</para>
     <figure id="fig:tour-basic:history">
-      <title>Graphical history of the <filename
-	  class="directory">hello</filename> repository</title>
+      <title><filename class="directory">hello</filename>仓库的图形化历史</title>
 	<imageobject><imagedata fileref="figs/tour-history.png"/></imageobject>
 	<textobject><phrase>XXX add text</phrase></textobject>