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     <para id="x_a6">Subversion是流行的版本控制工具,当初是为了替代CVS而开发
-    <para id="x_a7">Subversion and Mercurial have similarly named commands for
-      performing the same operations, so if you're familiar with
-      one, it is easy to learn to use the other.  Both tools are
-      portable to all popular operating systems.</para>
+    <para
+      id="x_a7">Subversion和Mercurial有着相似的命令来完成一个操作,所以你如
+      果熟悉其中一个,就会很容易掌握另一个。两个工具都支持主流的操作系统。</para>
-    <para id="x_a8">Prior to version 1.5, Subversion had no useful support for
-      merges. At the time of writing, its merge tracking capability
-      is new, and known to be <ulink
+    <para id="x_a8">在1.5版之前,Subversion对合并没什么给力的支持。在写本书
+      时,它有了新的合并跟踪能力,但是还是一样的复杂和易错。 <ulink
-        and buggy</ulink>.</para>
+        and buggy</ulink></para>
-    <para id="x_a9">Mercurial has a substantial performance advantage over
+    <para id="x_a9">我测试了两者的性能,Mercurial在所有操作上都有了实质性的
+      提高。
+      Mercurial has a substantial performance advantage over
       Subversion on every revision control operation I have
       benchmarked.  I have measured its advantage as ranging from a
       factor of two to a factor of six when compared with Subversion