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This is the source code repository for the Go programming language.  

For documentation about how to install and use Go,
visit or load doc/install.html in your web browser.

After installing Go, you can view a nicely formatted
doc/install.html by running godoc --http=:6060
and then visiting http://localhost:6060/doc/install.html.

Unless otherwise noted, the Go source files are distributed
under the BSD-style license found in the LICENSE file.


Binary Distribution Notes

If you have just untarred a binary Go distribution, you need to set
the environment variable $GOROOT to the full path of the go
directory (the one containing this README).  You can omit the
variable if you unpack it into /usr/local/go, or if you rebuild
from sources by running all.bash (see doc/install.html).
You should also add the Go binary directory $GOROOT/bin
to your shell's path.

For example, if you extracted the tar file into $HOME/go, you might
put the following in your .profile:

    export GOROOT=$HOME/go
    export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin

See doc/install.html for more details.

Recent activity

Oling Cat

Commits by Oling Cat were pushed to mikespook/go-zh

45ac585 - doc/go_spec: 翻译完成!修改大量术语及语句,调整了中英对照顺序。
Oling Cat

Commits by Oling Cat were pushed to mikespook/go-zh

770e784 - doc/go_spec: 翻译完成!修改大量术语及语句,调整了中英对照顺序。
Rémy Oudompheng

Commits by Rémy Oudompheng were pushed to mikespook/go-zh

2d97f35 - strconv: 2x-4x speed improvement for atof64. benchmark old ns/op new ns/op delta BenchmarkAtof64Decimal 344 71 -79.22% BenchmarkAtof64Float 397 90 -77.15% BenchmarkAtof64FloatExp 445 241 -45.84% BenchmarkAtof64Big ...
Dave Cheney

Commits by Dave Cheney were pushed to mikespook/go-zh

5f24ff9 - net: fix race between Close and Read Fixes issue 3507. Applied the suggested fix from rsc. If the connection is in closing state then errClosing ...
Andrew Balholm

Commits by Andrew Balholm were pushed to mikespook/go-zh

b25d41f - exp/html: more work on inBodyIM Reorder some cases. Handle <pre>, <listing>, </form>, </li>, </dd>, </dt>, </h1>, </h2>, </h3>, </h4>, </h5>, and </h6> tags. Pass 6 ...
Ian Lance Taylor

Commits by Ian Lance Taylor were pushed to mikespook/go-zh

78de080 - runtime: disable memory profiler in gc_test This lets the test pass on PPC64 GNU/Linux, which uses a much larger page size and thus uses more ...
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