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metadata management in four iterations

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Goals for FINC mdma

  • handle various data sources

    BSZ, Naxos, E-Book Library, Nutzergesteuerte Erwerbung (PDA), ...

  • export FINCMARC as deliverable for VuFind frontend

  • handle deduplication, Libero item data, MARC field rewrites, ...

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1st iteration ↺

  • PHP (261) and XML-driven (89) configuration
  • leveraging common utils: mv, yaz-marcdump, iconv
  • bootstrapped the metadata management
<source file="KA_010_1994-tit.mrc">
    <prefix tag="001" prefix="PPN000000_" /> 
    <mergeaut />

<source file="NaxosNML-full.mrc">
    <iconv from="iso8859-1" />
    <copytag totag="001" fromtag="028a" />
    <prefix tag="001" prefix="EXT000005_" />
    <tagreplace tag="856u"
$filelist = glob("$tdir/$workfix*");
    echo "processing " . count($filelist) . " chunks\n";
    foreach($filelist as $file) {
        foreach($source->children() as $action) {

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2nd iteration ↺

  • Python (1814) and XML-driven (148) configuration
  • libraries: pymarc, libxml, sqlalchemy
  • NEW! metadata snapshot stored in database (MySQL)
<datasource kind="title" source_id="0" record_field="001"
    content_type="application/marc" location="/var/i/000/2*/*-tit.mrc">
        <fm_cloneOriginal />
        <fm_setField field="001" value="finc_id()" />
        <bag_getKeyFromOriginal field="020" subfield="a" key="isbn" />
        <fm_setLocalInfo />
        <bag_getLiberoItemData />
for j, record in enumerate(record_iterator, start=1):
    for command in _commands:
        if 'skip_this' not in bag:
            bag = command.execute(bag)

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slow on 9.1GB of data and 19M records (and that's just one data source)

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2nd iteration slowness

  • needed to reach out to Libero for every record
  • no multiprocessing / threading
  • a bit of ORM overhead

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3rd iteration ↺

  • 2nd iteration +
    • multiprocessing with 10–200 worker
    • plain SQL
    • optimized (batched) Libero-requests
    • a bit of memcached
  • Python (1760), XML (451)
QUEUE_SIZE = 20000
tasks = multiprocessing.JoinableQueue(QUEUE_SIZE)
num_workers = args.workers or multiprocessing.cpu_count() * 40
workers = [ Worker(tasks, appconfig, iconf) for i in range(num_workers) ]
_ = [ w.start() for w in workers ]
with open(filename, 'r') as handle:
    reader = pymarc.MARCReader(, to_unicode=True)
    for i, record in enumerate(reader):

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3rd iteration: faster, but still sequential – still more control over data needed

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4th iteration ↺

  • shift to a slightly different processing model
  • NEW! cache all Libero item data (MySQL) – less network overhead – not possible without Libero hacks
  • NEW! hold all raw source data in elasticsearch – faster, more fine grained access
  • no more XML configuration, but one (or more) python scripts per data source
  • Python (1708), Java (1292), bash (800)
isbns = set()
for subfield in doc['content']['020']:
    if 'a' in subfield:
        # 020.a may look like: '9780948838903 (pbk.) :'

for isbn in isbns:
    # dedup here

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4th iteration data access

  • flexible ad-hoc queries on MARC
  • all records with ISBN 9781430272304
$ curl -XGET
  • kinds of classifications on NEP
$ curl -XPOST "" -d
    '{ "query" : { "match_all" : {} }, 
       "facets" : { "tags" : { "terms" : { "field" : "content.072.2" }}}}'
  • pipeable processing (streams records from elasticsearch via processing script into metadata db)
$ ./ --index bsz --meta.kind=title | ./scripts/

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4th iteration summary

  • fast (~10x speedup with fewer workers vs 2nd iteration)
  • flexible data access, easier debugging

but ...

  • data redundancy (files and index)
  • no more declarative XML configuration

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lessons learned so far

  • cache everything (libero data), never go over the network for data you'll access often, stale data (few hours) is ok here
  • make data item accessible (elasticsearch for currently 7 sources, more to come soon) / within milliseconds (still needs some work)
  • assume your data-flow can change tomorrow (new deduplication workflow, new source, new fields, etc.)

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