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; Conway's Game of Life, from http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Conway%27s_Game_of_Life#Clojure
(defstruct grid :w :h :cells)

(defn get-cell
  "Returns the value at x,y. The grid is treated as a torus, such that both x and
  y coordinates will wrap around if greater than width and height respectively."
  [grid x y]
  (let [x (mod x (:w grid))
        y (mod y (:h grid))]
    (-> grid :cells (nth y) (nth x))))

(defn neighbors
  "Returns a lazy sequence of all neighbors of the specified cell."
  [grid x y]
  (for [j [(dec y) y (inc y)]
        i [(dec x) x (inc x)]
        :when (not (and (= i x) (= j y)))]
    (get-cell grid i j)))

(defn evolve-cell
  "Returns the new state of the specifed cell."
  [grid x y]
  (let [c (get-cell grid x y)
        n (reduce + (neighbors grid x y))]
    (if (or (and (zero? c) (= 3 n))
            (and (= 1 c) (or (= 2 n) (= 3 n))))
      1 0)))

(defn evolve-grid
  "Returns a new grid whose cells have all been evolved."
  (assoc grid :cells
    (vec (for [y (range (:h grid))]
      (vec (for [x (range (:w grid))]
        (evolve-cell grid x y)))))))

(defn generations [grid]
  "Returns a lazy sequence of the grid, and all subsequent generations."
  (iterate evolve-grid grid))

(defn make-grid [w h & row-patterns]
  (let [cells (vec (for [rp row-patterns]
                (vec (mapcat #(take %1 (repeat %2)) rp (cycle [0 1])))))]
    (if (and (= h (count cells))
             (every? #(= w (count %)) cells))
      (struct grid w h cells)
      (throw (IllegalArgumentException. "Resulting cells do not match expected width/height.")))))

(defn display-row [row]
  (do (dorun (map print (map #(if (zero? %) " . " "[X]") row))) (println)))

(defn display-grid [grid]
  (dorun (map display-row (:cells grid))))

(defn display-grids [grids]
      (repeatedly println)
      (map display-grid grids))))

(def blinker (make-grid 5 5 [5] [5] [1 3 1] [5] [5]))
(display-grids (take 3 (generations blinker)))
      var editor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.getElementById("code"), {});

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