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Agent of Disillusion

Is a 2D game, platformer, with puzzles. There used to be a list of objectives here, including story-driven content, but that's changed. The main goal for this game is now to create something fun, and maintain a physics and logic based puzzle feel.

Game Design Doc

This document is out of date, and somewhat invalid, since it still talks about story-focus. The game will not include any story focus as of right now, and only include platforming puzzle elements.

Latest pre-alpha build

List of current and complete tasks


The game will use a 2D side-scroller engine with emphasis on character physics. The game engine is currently under construction. It is not based on any existing engine, but is being build from scratch, utilizing SFML (http://www.sfml-dev.org/)


Currently the project only consists of 1 programmer - me. I'm Milcho Penchev. My previous experience includes several projects done in OpenGL including a destructible, procedurally generated engine (also build from scratch) called PrEdiTer (www.blog.milchopenchev.com)