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Agodis / Task List


  • Create actor animation class with support for loading
  • Finish animation editor

Bugs To Fix

  • No bugs have been prioritized for fixing yet, though some bugs most certainly exist


  • Finish level editor
    • Add UI to select Ground/Air tile properties
  • Add object editing capabilities to editor


  • Add further object logic, based on gdd

Feature Creep

  • Add a darkness mechanic
    • Maybe make it so that it can be used for hiding in the darkness.


  • Add support to parse UI from files (chose custom format)
  • Adjust player physics to account for water
  • Add ability to set 'water' flag on tiles, filling them with water
  • Modify the Tile to support being filled with water
  • Add UI (edit mode) to fill/drain tiles of water
  • Add UI to select textures of background
  • Rework the level header and info stored in it
    • Add ground level (int)
    • Add Gravity (double)
    • Add Air Tile Texture (unsigned char)
    • Add Ground Tile Texture (unsigned char)
    • Add Ground Tile Water Flag (bool)
  • Add UI to select textures of tiles
  • Add z-layer selection tool to editor
  • Allow player to toggle between z-layers
  • Added tile copy/paste ability (That works like a brush too - press C to copy tile, hold V and move mouse to paste)
  • Add Tile-type brush tool to editor (see copy/paste above)
  • Add hide-All UI feature (hardcoded LCTRL + LSHIFT + H)
  • Add a foreground/background image support per tile (data management support is in, UI needs to allow setting)
  • Rewrite UI so that base Widget class supports on-click callbacks (something that was done long ago... but i didn't realize it)
  • Add debug draw functionality to tiles
  • Create ImageButton UI class
  • Add state management (Main menu / Game menu / Playing Level etc)
  • Modify UI so that you can Remove widgets
  • Add collision calculations for half, diagonal, sloped, concave and convex tiles.
  • AABB and Circle collision vs solid tile
  • Variable size view - zooming in/out on character

On Hold

  • Add UI to select level gravity and ground level
    • Reason: Not deemed important, and constant gravity amongst all levels is preferred.