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jason kirtland  committed 04924c4

Log/deprecation/exc cleanup

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File lib/sqlalchemy/exc.py

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         except Exception, e:
             text = 'Error in str() of DB-API-generated exception: ' + str(e)
-            self, "(%s) %s" % (orig.__class__.__name__, text))
+            self, '(%s) %s' % (orig.__class__.__name__, text))
         self.statement = statement
         self.params = params
         self.orig = orig
 # Warnings
 class SADeprecationWarning(DeprecationWarning):
     """Issued once per usage of a deprecated API."""

File lib/sqlalchemy/log.py

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 import logging
 import sys
-import warnings
-import sqlalchemy.exc as sa_exc
 rootlogger = logging.getLogger('sqlalchemy')
 if rootlogger.level == logging.NOTSET:
-warnings.filterwarnings("once", category=sa_exc.SADeprecationWarning)
 default_enabled = False
 def default_logging(name):