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         <li>backreference - indicates the name of a property to be placed on the related mapper's class that will handle this relationship in the other direction, including synchronizing the object attributes on both sides of the relation.  See the example in <&formatting.myt:link, path="datamapping_relations_backreferences"&>.</li>
         <li>order_by - indicates the ordering that should be applied when loading these items.  See the section <&formatting.myt:link, path="adv_datamapping_orderby" &> for details.</li>
         <li>association - When specifying a many to many relationship with an association object, this keyword should reference the mapper of the target object of the association.  See the example in <&formatting.myt:link, path="datamapping_association"&>.</li>
-        <li>use_alias - Useful with eager loads, a value of True indicates that unique alias names should be generated when creating joins against the parent table, to avoid conflicts with parallel joins of the same two tables.  The unique aliasing will be propigated into all child eager joins as well to maintain their isolation.  This aliasing only occurs when generating SELECT statements, and aliased columns in the result set are translated back to that of the original table when creating object instances.</li>
-        <li>live=False - this option is no longer used.</li>
+        <li>post_update - this indicates that the relationship should be handled by a second UPDATE statement after an INSERT, or before a DELETE.  using this flag essentially means the relationship will not incur any "dependency" between parent and child item, as the particular foreign key relationship between them is handled by a second statement.  use this flag when a particular mapping arrangement will incur two rows that are dependent on each other, such as a table that has a one-to-many relationship to a set of child rows, and also has a column that references a single child row within that list (i.e. both tables contain a foreign key to each other).  If a commit() operation returns an error that a "cyclical dependency" was detected, this is a cue that you might want to use post_update.</li>

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     title='SQLAlchemy Documentation'
-    version = '0.1.1'
+    version = '0.1.3'
 <%method title>