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 .. module:: sqlalchemy.ext.associationproxy
-:author: Mike Bayer and Jason Kirtland
-:version: 0.3.1 or greater
 ``associationproxy`` is used to create a simplified, read/write view of a
 relationship.  It can be used to cherry-pick fields from a collection of
 related objects or to greatly simplify access to associated objects in an
 .. sourcecode:: python
-    stocks = Table("stocks", meta,
+    stocks_table = Table("stocks", meta,
        Column('symbol', String(10), primary_key=True),
-       Column('description', String(100), nullable=False),
        Column('last_price', Numeric)
-    brokers = Table("brokers", meta,
+    brokers_table = Table("brokers", meta,
        Column('id', Integer,primary_key=True),
        Column('name', String(100), nullable=False)
-    holdings = Table("holdings", meta,
+    holdings_table = Table("holdings", meta,
       Column('broker_id', Integer, ForeignKey(''), primary_key=True),
       Column('symbol', String(10), ForeignKey('stocks.symbol'), primary_key=True),
       Column('shares', Integer)
         holdings = association_proxy('by_stock', 'shares', creator=_create_holding)
     class Stock(object):
-        def __init__(self, symbol, description=None):
+        def __init__(self, symbol):
             self.symbol = symbol
-            self.description = description
             self.last_price = 0
     class Holding(object):
     stock = Stock('ZZK')
     broker = Broker('paj')
-[stock] = Holding(broker, stock, 10)
-    print[stock].shares
+    broker.by_stock[stock] = Holding(broker, stock, 10)
+    print broker.by_stock[stock].shares
     # 10
-The ``by_stock`` proxy we've added to the ``Broker`` class hides the details
+The ``holdings`` proxy we've added to the ``Broker`` class hides the details
 of the ``Holding`` while also giving access to ``.shares``::
     for stock in (Stock('JEK'), Stock('STPZ')):
     for stock, shares in
         print stock, shares
+    session.add(broker)
+    session.commit()
     # lets take a peek at that holdings_table after committing changes to the db
     print list(
     # [(1, 'ZZK', 10), (1, 'JEK', 123), (1, 'STEPZ', 123)]
 Further examples can be found in the ``examples/`` directory in the
 SQLAlchemy distribution.
-The ``association_proxy`` convenience function is not present in SQLAlchemy
-versions 0.3.1 through 0.3.7, instead instantiate the class directly::
-    from sqlalchemy.ext.associationproxy import AssociationProxy
-    class Article(object):
-       keywords = AssociationProxy('keyword_associations', 'keyword')