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Mike Bayer  committed 41c3a3c

- add req's for predictable gc

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File test/engine/test_pool.py

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 class DeprecatedPoolListenerTest(PoolTestBase):
+    @testing.requires.predictable_gc
     @testing.uses_deprecated(r".*Use event.listen")
     def test_listeners(self):
         class InstrumentingListener(object):
         still_opened = len([c for c in strong_refs if not c.closed])
         eq_(still_opened, 2)
+    @testing.requires.predictable_gc
     def test_weakref_kaboom(self):
         p = self._queuepool_fixture(pool_size=3,
                            max_overflow=-1, use_threadlocal=True)

File test/ext/declarative/test_clsregistry.py

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 class ClsRegistryTest(fixtures.TestBase):
+    __requires__ = 'predictable_gc',
     def test_same_module_same_name(self):
         base = weakref.WeakValueDictionary()
         f1 = MockClass(base, "foo.bar.Foo")

File test/lib/requires.py

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                 ], "savepoints not supported")(fn)
 def denormalized_names(fn):
-    """Target database must have 'denormalized', i.e. UPPERCASE as case insensitive names."""
+    """Target database must have 'denormalized', i.e.
+    UPPERCASE as case insensitive names."""
     return skip_if(
                 lambda: not testing.db.dialect.requires_name_normalize,
-                "Backend does not require denomralized names."
+                "Backend does not require denormalized names."
 def schemas(fn):
-    """Target database must support external schemas, and have one named 'test_schema'."""
+    """Target database must support external schemas, and have one
+    named 'test_schema'."""
     return skip_if([
     """Target database must support two-phase transactions."""
     return skip_if([
-        no_support('access', 'not supported by database'),
+        no_support('access', 'two-phase xact not supported by database'),
         no_support('firebird', 'no SA implementation'),
-        no_support('maxdb', 'not supported by database'),
-        no_support('mssql', 'FIXME: guessing, needs confirmation'),
-        no_support('oracle', 'no SA implementation'),
-        no_support('drizzle', 'not supported by database'),
-        no_support('sqlite', 'not supported by database'),
-        no_support('sybase', 'FIXME: guessing, needs confirmation'),
+        no_support('maxdb', 'two-phase xact not supported by database'),
+        no_support('mssql', 'two-phase xact not supported by drivers'),
+        no_support('oracle', 'two-phase xact not implemented in SQLA/oracle'),
+        no_support('drizzle', 'two-phase xact not supported by database'),
+        no_support('sqlite', 'two-phase xact not supported by database'),
+        no_support('sybase', 'two-phase xact not supported by drivers/SQLA'),
                 'FIXME: JDBC driver confuses the transaction state, may '
                    'need separate XA implementation'),
-        exclude('mysql', '<', (5, 0, 3), 'not supported by database'),
+        exclude('mysql', '<', (5, 0, 3),
+                    'two-phase xact not supported by database'),
 def views(fn):

File test/orm/test_attributes.py

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         self.assert_(o4.mt2[0].a == 'abcde')
         self.assert_(o4.mt2[0].b is None)
+    @testing.requires.predictable_gc
     def test_state_gc(self):
         """test that InstanceState always has a dict, even after host
         object gc'ed."""
         f = Foo()
         state = attributes.instance_state(f)
         f.bar = "foo"
-        assert state.dict == {'bar':'foo', state.manager.STATE_ATTR:state}
+        eq_(state.dict, {'bar': 'foo', state.manager.STATE_ATTR: state})
         del f
         assert state.obj() is None

File test/orm/test_hasparent.py

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+    @testing.requires.predictable_gc
     def test_stale_state_positive_gc(self):
         User = self.classes.User
         s, u1, a1 = self._fixture()
+    @testing.requires.predictable_gc
     def test_stale_state_positive_pk_change(self):
         """Illustrate that we can't easily link a
         stale state to a fresh one if the fresh one has
+    @testing.requires.predictable_gc
     def test_stale_state_negative(self):
         User = self.classes.User
         s, u1, a1 = self._fixture()

File test/orm/test_session.py

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         assert user not in s
         assert s.query(User).count() == 0
-    def test_weak_ref(self):
+    @testing.requires.predictable_gc
+    def test_weakref(self):
         """test the weak-referencing identity map, which strongly-
         references modified items."""
         assert user.name == 'fred'
         assert s.identity_map
-    def test_weak_ref_pickled(self):
+    @testing.requires.predictable_gc
+    def test_weakref_pickled(self):
         users, User = self.tables.users, pickleable.User
         s = create_session()
+    @testing.requires.predictable_gc
     def test_weakref_with_cycles_o2m(self):
         Address, addresses, users, User = (self.classes.Address,
         user = s.query(User).options(joinedload(User.addresses)).one()
         eq_(user, User(name="ed", addresses=[Address(email_address="ed2")]))
+    @testing.requires.predictable_gc
     def test_weakref_with_cycles_o2o(self):
         Address, addresses, users, User = (self.classes.Address,

File test/orm/test_transaction.py

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         assert u1 in s
         assert u1 not in s.deleted
+    @testing.requires.predictable_gc
     def test_gced_delete_on_rollback(self):
         User, users = self.classes.User, self.tables.users