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took out unused formatting

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     def create_obj_toc(obj, toc):
         if obj.isclass:
             s = []
-            links = []
             for elem in obj.inherits:
                 if isinstance(elem, docstring.ObjectDoc):
-                    links.append("<a href=\"#%s\">%s</a>" % (str(elem.id), elem.name))
-                    links.append(str(elem))
             description = "class " + obj.classname + "(%s)" % (','.join(s))
-            htmldescription = "class " + obj.classname + "(%s)" % (','.join(links))
             description = obj.description
-            htmldescription = obj.description
         toc = TOCElement("docstrings", obj.name, description, parent=toc)
         obj.toc_path = toc.path
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