Mike Bayer committed 65e1e7c

- misc savepoint test
- don't need dialect_impl() for Text

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     params (and the reverse for result sets.)
-    def dialect_impl(self, dialect, **kwargs):
-        return TypeEngine.dialect_impl(self, dialect, **kwargs)
 class Unicode(String):
     """A variable length Unicode string.


         self.assertEquals(s.query(, [('ed',), ('jack',)])
+    def test_savepoint_delete(self):
+        s = self.session()
+        u1 = User(name='ed')
+        s.add(u1)
+        s.commit()
+        self.assertEquals(s.query(User).filter_by(name='ed').count(), 1)
+        s.begin_nested()
+        s.delete(u1)
+        s.commit()
+        self.assertEquals(s.query(User).filter_by(name='ed').count(), 0)
+        s.commit()
+    @testing.requires.savepoints
     def test_savepoint_commit(self):
         s = self.session()
         u1 = User(name='ed')
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