This is our intention to make a simple way to generate business reports for the Django framework, allowing users to design and generate reports ASAP and as painless as possible.

The requirements and instructions to install and run this application are detailed in the file INSTALL.

For instructions on how to use this application see the docs directory.


django-business-reports began its life as a fork of django-reporting.

Then, a full rewrite using Docutils for document generation and PyCha for charts was made.

Fast Install

Follow the rabbit:

$ pip install -r
$ pip install hg+

If you don't have py2cairo installed, as it is not installable vía pip, you will need to install it through you package manager or download it and compile it.

Then add dbr to your INSTALLED_APPS tuple in your project's settings and syncdb. If you are updating, please consider enabling south and running ./ migrate first to apply database schema migrations.

Enable the urls by adding the following line to the urlpatterns variable in your project's

url(r'^dbr/', include('dbr.urls')),

Detailed Installation Instructions

Detailed installation instructions, in spanish only atm, can be found in docs.


Please try it, and if you find an issue, please report it!. Patches are always welcome...