getfirstseen_unix not working on all players

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Issue #14 resolved
Evan Markowitz created an issue

I have no idea the cause, but, sometimes getfirstseen_unix doesn't work with particular players, for example, returns nothing, while does

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  1. 14mRh4X0r

    Problem is firstjoin playerdata format; all players that joined between 2011-05-28 and 2011-07-26 seem to have firstjoin: prefixed. Unsure what would be the right fix, removing the prefix or filtering the prefix in the script.

  2. Riot

    The format changed at some point, fuck knows why - maybe because i was drunk and later realised that prefixing it with 'firstjoin' was redundant.
    Format issue resolved with sed -i 's/firstjoin:/20/' freedonia/playerdata/firstjoin-*

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