Grief Alerts not showing in Control Panel

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Issue #22 invalid
Matthew Dickson created an issue

There's no grief alerts showing up in the control panel website. (moved from script tracker as that was wrong place)

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  1. Anna

    The control panel seems to be working very well and fine for me and everyone else. could you attach a screenshot to this report?

  2. Anna

    Used the control panel grief alerts while the server was restarting (might have effected it) and it came up with grief alerts from 01:10, 20 Oct 2014 or before. Attaching screenshot. Other than this the control panel works completely fine for me and I use it quite a lot.

  3. Anna

    @TheDarkrai85 suggested that it could have been my browser viewing a cached copy of the page, so this might be invalid, also could be similar to how passive saw no grief alerts.

    Other note: after refreshing the grief alert page it fixed and continued to work great.

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