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kittyboy was asking for a rank up in the donorsystem, and i got him it. the problem is that at the time befor i paid the fee for getting him from stone to ironkit i paid like he had no rank at all. i got the 25% off from moderator discount. aka i paid 15£ and soud had to paid 9£

the png´s will show that even after the purcase of i got him ironkit on the mainpage you see kittyboy is not showd as a ironkit donor, but as a regular moderator with no rank & when i am on controlpanel and looking at his profile, then we can see its shown that kittyboy is a irondonor

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  1. Anna

    Looks like this is being caused by samyboyz and Niggerboy666 being under the same UUID and being in the player database (with groups under each name) instead of the oldname database. Niggerboy666 has the default group and samyboyz has the donstone group, so the donation page is seeing the default group first.

    This was probably caused because the usernames had been changed very early when name changes came out.

  2. Anna

    I've put the samyboyz and Niggerboy666 into the oldname database and removed them from the player one, this should resolve the issue for Kittyboy666. I'll have to see if any other players have this issue of duplicate uuids in the player database.

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