Add discord, reddit or other widgets/links on website

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Currently the main website page has facebook and google+ on it. It would be nice to add things like discord, reddit and maybe even telegram if possible.

Attached an image of the default discord widget view of the mco discord server.

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  1. Riot

    I don't think this is a good idea. Embedding more busy widgets on an already busy front page just takes away from the real content, and drives people to click things other than the primary content, as well as increasing loading times. In the case of third party chat widgets (especially discord which we don't fully support officially yet, and haven't committed to maintaining), this just puts a big logo on our page that takes people away to a different network, populated by people who don't necessarily represent the server.

    Our reddit is likewise dead as a doornail and pushing people from our front page to it is not the best idea, as it hardly gives a good impression, nor is it worth losing traffic to.

    If anything we should get rid of useless obsolete crap like the gplus logo.

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