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Use this tracker for any issues to do with:

  • Any part of the website except the map

Do not use this tracker for:

  • The live map - use the "overviewer" tracker instead.
  • Anything to do with gameplay or in-game activities - use "scripts" or the relevant plugin repository instead.

Do not post multiple issues in one post, even if they're related - create a new issue for each one.

Don't use words like "sometimes" - specify exact steps required to reproduce the bug, in as much detail as you can. If you're unable to reproduce the bug, specify the exact server time when it occurred, what exact actions yo, whatu took, what usernames were involved and provide a screenshot if possible. The more detail, the easier it becomes for us to track down the bug.

Bug reporting formula:

  1. What exactly did you do or click on?
  2. What exactly did you expect to happen?
  3. What exactly happened instead?

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