Enhanced Chat [chat3]

Notice: chat3 requires that the server be running Minetest 0.4.16, as it is required for several features of chat3's core functionality. More specifically, you need a version of Minetest that includes this commit (May 6th, 2017).

Yes, chat3 seems a whole lot like a spinoff of chat2, however, it (mostly) isn't. It isn't that much unlike chat3, except for one thing: rather than cluttering the screen with a second chat window, chat3 just uses the default Minetest chat. Then it's entirely up to the player to configure the chat placement, size, and anything else on their client.

Messages are highlighted in a light blue to players who are within 12 blocks of the sender (configurable with chat3.near, if set to 0 positional highlighting is ignored). Messages in which the receiving player's name or a previously configured alternate username is mentioned are highlighted in a light green, as are PMs. Messages in which the first character is a ! are highlighted in red to all players (also known as a shout). Important messages (mentions or shouts) also cause a bell to be played to players if chat3.bell is true and the player hasn't disabled the chatbell using the /chatbell command. Everything mentioned here can also be configured, and is documented below in the Configuration section.

If the server is using Minetest 0.4.16, which has the ability to properly retreive the protocol version of the client without requiring a debug build, chat3 will automatically adjust its message handling to work with older clients as well. This means that clients before 0.4.16 will not see chat duplication on their side, and colour codes will not be sent to clients that do not support them.

Chat3 is also compatible with some of my other chat-related mods, including ranks.


All of the features provided by chat3 can be configured directly from the advanced settings menu in the chat3 subsection of the top-level Mods section. You can also configure chat3 directly from minetest.conf with the settings listed below.

Name Type Default Description
chat3.near float 12 Near highlight range
chat3.bell bool true Enable chatbell
chat3.shout bool true Allow shout messages
chat3.shout_prefix string ! Shout prefix
chat3.ignore bool true Allow ignoring players
chat3.alt_support bool true Allow alternate usernames
chat3.alt_max int 3 Maximum # of alts

The chatbell can also be enabled or disabled using the /chatbell command per-player. The ignore feature can be further configured by adding players that cannot be ignored with ignore_override privilege. Furthermore, the server owner (as defined by the name setting) cannot be ignored no matter what.

Media License

Brandon75689 - (CC-BY-SA 3.0) chat3_bell.ogg