Minetest MOD X Markeplace [x_marketplace]

This MOD for Minetest adds a simple global marketplace to the game. This marketplace is designed to work only with chat commands. Type /mp help in the chat to see all possible commands.

Currently only items from default MTGame MOD are in the store list, since all the other items can be crafted from default blocks, this is sufficient for balanced game.

Items can be added/removed/edited easily from the store_list.lua file.



  • /mp find <item name>, find item in store
  • /mp balance, show your current balance in BitGold
  • /mp sellhand, sell item(s) currently holding in hand
  • /mp buyhand [<amount>], buy <amount> of item(s) currently holding in hand, when <amount> is not provided then amount is 1
  • /mp infohand, show more information about the item(s) you are currently holding in hand from the store
  • /mp buy <item name> [<amount>], buy <amount> of <item name> from store, if <amount> is not provided then amount is 1
  • /mp sellinv <item name>, sell all items <item name> from the 'main' inventory list
  • /mp buyinv <item name>, buy full inventory of items <item name>, empty slots in the 'main' inventory are required
  • /mp top, show top 5 richest players currently online
  • /mp help, print out this help