Michael Leung committed 4a1a700

RESOLVED - issue MGR-63: 用户登录时需要判断该用户是否拥有商店
update spring-security-taobao-0.1.jar
update version to 0.3.4

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 class SpringSecurityTaobaoGrailsPlugin {
     // the plugin version
-    def version = "0.3.3"
+    def version = "0.3.4"
     // the version or versions of Grails the plugin is designed for
     def grailsVersion = "1.3.7 > *"
     // the other plugins this plugin depends on
         concurrencySessionFilter(ConcurrentSessionFilter) {
             sessionRegistry = ref('sessionRegistry')
+		authenticationFailureHandler(TaobaoAuthenticationFailureHandler){
+			userHasNoShopRedirectUrl = conf.failureHandler.userHasNoShopRedirectUrl
+		}
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-<plugin name='spring-security-taobao' version='0.3.3' grailsVersion='1.3.7 &gt; *'>
+<plugin name='spring-security-taobao' version='0.3.4' grailsVersion='1.3.7 &gt; *'>
   <author>Simon Leung</author>
   <title>Taobao open authentication support for the Spring Security plugin.</title>
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