Kirill Simonov  committed 136cb5e

Fix a bug in add_path_resolver: map -> dict.

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File lib/yaml/

                 node_check = ScalarNode
             elif node_check is list:
                 node_check = SequenceNode
-            elif node_check is map:
+            elif node_check is dict:
                 node_check = MappingNode
             elif node_check not in [ScalarNode, SequenceNode, MappingNode]  \
                     and not isinstance(node_check, basestring)  \
             kind = ScalarNode
         elif kind is list:
             kind = SequenceNode
-        elif kind is map:
+        elif kind is dict:
             kind = MappingNode
         elif kind not in [ScalarNode, SequenceNode, MappingNode]    \
                 and kind is not None: