pyyaml / .hgtags

23729db32d7a026ad342202792ed80e4a874a314 3.05
2e013ad600018e378ba6f4d269eb44396343fe9b 3.07
423c0831598291e75ca0fbe2ed0740901722b5a7 3.04
607628291e74d2510e416c9c3b86bc0779906769 3.10
6c01fa7d6a9294308fc271c75e18ed280810485a 3.08
7854ec827dd8f0a06da960f842688b2a610d8ef7 3.06
89d201224b013aca4b799f3c86a440754468618c 3.03
a81366df35a191b687edb4d74195fdc4083c6307 3.02
cec54e5860300d1d837ea09da7639c9b256ae64c 3.01
e353b0b0c411c1239f39bd814560f21a8a7dbfe1 3.09
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