BIBFRAME @ University of Illinois

This repository is for the code used to enrich BIBFRAME RDF with Linked Data.

Linked data sources can be viewed from the BIBFRAME @ University of Illinois project page ( )

  • There are four folders in the project.

*The main projet code is the transform folder which holds the RDF enrichment code for a BIBFRAME Work, Instance, Annotation, and Authority.

*SQL Queries folder contains the results of querying our local database for all e-book bibIDs which we then used for MARCXML generation.

*The Getmarxml folder is specific to generating MARCXML at UIUC and utilizes a local microservice for this process.

*Finally, in order to index the HTML, was developed for generating sitemaps.

How do I get set up?

  • Summary of set up

Folder setup only requires an input and output path. The input RDF is generated with the Library of Congress XQuery transformation code marc2bibframe ( ).

  • Configuration Python Requirements are noted in the files. All of the transforms use Python 3.4.0

Who do I talk to?

  • Jim Hahn