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This is the main code repository for the Zaaksysteem framework.

For more information, visit our website.

Short technical introduction

All development for Zaaksysteem follows the following procedure when it comes to getting the code in this codebase. Since this is open source software, you are free to fork, modify, redistribute and open pull-requests, under the limitations of the EUPL license.


  • master The master branch contains the latest stable and released version of Zaaksysteem. This is the version most people want.

  • quarterly The quarterly branch has a common ancestor at the current master branch, and contains all new features, bugfixes and other modifications done in our three-monthly release cycle. This branch is considered stable, as it has been tested internally, but it has not seen a production environment yet.

  • sprint This branch contains active and ongoing development modifications, it is unstable as it may contain modifications that have not been tested fully. It is part of our bi-weekly sprint cycle, and is named according to the ISO weeknumber of the week the sprint started in.


You are free to submit pull-requests for improvements to Zaaksysteem. Please target those requests to our most recent sprint branch, and describe liberally what the change does, why it does so, and what you believe the impact will be.

Running the development environment

Zaaksysteem uses vagrant to manage development environments that are the same for every developer. To create a new environment, run vagrant up in the source directory. This will create a virtual machine capable of running Zaaksysteem. For more information on how this works, please refer to the Vagrant documentation. Vagrant 1.4.3 (the version that comes with Ubuntu 14.04) is known to be compatible.

To run Zaaksysteem in the Vagrant VM, first open a connection to it using vagrant ssh, then go to the source by typing cd /vagrant and finally, run the development server with ./script/dev_fastcgi.pl

You can now connect to Zaaksysteem on The default username is "admin", with password "admin".


We only support the community version of the software through the wiki. For professional support, please contact Mintlab.

-- The Mintlab Team