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Properly fix MSVC intrinsics for older versions.

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 #ifdef _M_PPC
-#pragma intrinsic(_CountLeadingZeros)
 unsigned int _CountLeadingZeros(long);
+#pragma intrinsic(_CountLeadingZeros)
 static LJ_AINLINE uint32_t lj_fls(uint32_t x)
   return _CountLeadingZeros(x) ^ 31;
-#pragma intrinsic(_BitScanForward)
-#pragma intrinsic(_BitScanReverse)
 unsigned char _BitScanForward(uint32_t *, unsigned long);
 unsigned char _BitScanReverse(uint32_t *, unsigned long);
+#pragma intrinsic(_BitScanForward)
+#pragma intrinsic(_BitScanReverse)
 static LJ_AINLINE uint32_t lj_ffs(uint32_t x)
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