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    from pyPdf import PdfFileWriter, PdfFileReader

    output = PdfFileWriter()
    input1 = PdfFileReader(file("document1.pdf", "rb"))

    # add page 1 from input1 to output document, unchanged

    # add page 2 from input1, but rotated clockwise 90 degrees

    # add page 3 from input1, rotated the other way:
    # alt: output.addPage(input1.getPage(2).rotateClockwise(270))

    # add page 4 from input1, but first add a watermark from another pdf:
    page4 = input1.getPage(3)
    watermark = PdfFileReader(file("watermark.pdf", "rb"))

    # add page 5 from input1, but crop it to half size:
    page5 = input1.getPage(4)
    page5.mediaBox.upperRight = (
        page5.mediaBox.getUpperRight_x() / 2,
        page5.mediaBox.getUpperRight_y() / 2

    # print how many pages input1 has:
    print "document1.pdf has %s pages." % input1.getNumPages())

    # finally, write "output" to document-output.pdf
    outputStream = file("document-output.pdf", "wb")

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4abdca4 - Fix circular references to PageObjects failing to find existing page object
Mathieu Fenniak

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8ef3142 - Merge commit 'origin/trunk' into trunk
Mathieu Fenniak

Commits by Mathieu Fenniak were pushed to minux/pyPdf

f293609 - Do not change pages given to PageObject.mergeTransformedPage When using PageObject.mergeTransformedPage(self, page2), the transformation matrix was directly applied by changing the content stream in page2. As ...
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