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Welcome and thanks for trying out Gajim.

python2.4 (python2.3 should work too)
pygtk2.6 or higher
pysqlite2 (aka. python-pysqlite2)

some distros also split too much python standard library.
I know SUSE does. In such distros you also need python-xml
the xml lib that *comes* with python and not pyxml or whatever

libgtk2.0-dev		# aka. gtk2-devel
libxss-dev			# for idle detection module (Some distributions (f.e. Debian) split xscreensaver)
libgtkspell-dev	# for gtkspell module

if you still have problems compiling, you may want to try removing the gtk1 series of the above dependencies

dnsutils (or whatever package provides the nslookup binary) for SRV support; if you don't know what that is, you don't need it
gtkspell and aspell-LANG where lang is your locale eg. en, fr etc
GnomePythonExtras 2.10 or above so you can avoid compiling trayicon and gtkspell
notification-daemon (and D-Bus) to get cooler popups
D-Bus to have gajim-remote working

Gajim is a GTK+ app and not a gnome one. Just do 'make' so you don't require gnomepythonextras
which is gnome dep

tar jxvf gajim-version.tar.bz2
cd gajim
make	# builds all modules
su -c make install

To specify what modules to build do:
make help

To specify where to install do:
su -c make PREFIX=custom_path install


or if you didn't 'make install' you can also run from gajim folder with

Last but not least, you can run Gajim from your GNOME/XFCE/KDE/whatever menus.

su -c make uninstall
this will try to remove Gajim from the default directories.
If you want to remove it from custom directory provide it as:
make PREFIX=custom_path uninstall

XML & Debugging:
If you want to see the xml stanzas and/or help us debugging 
you're advised to enable verbose via advanced configuration window.
If you don't want to make this permanent, execute gajim with --verbose
everytime you want to have verbose output.

Cannot join room with password:
please read the FAQ for the reply on this issue

FAQ can be found at
Wiki can be found at

That is all, enjoy!

(C) 2003-2005
The Gajim Team

we use original art and parts of sounds and other art from Psi, Gossip,
Gnomebaker, Gaim and some icons from various gnome-icons
(mostly Dropline Etiquette) we found at
If you think we're violating a license please inform us
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