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Existing Extensions

Below is a list of some of the extensions available for use with virtualenvwrapper.


Emacs desktop-mode lets you save the state of emacs (open buffers, kill rings, buffer positions, etc.) between sessions. It can also be used as a project file similar to other IDEs. The emacs-desktop plugin adds a trigger to save the current desktop file and load a new one when activating a new virtualenv using workon.


The user_scripts extension is delivered with virtualenvwrapper and enabled by default. It implements the user customization script features described in :ref:`scripts`.


vim-virtualenv is Jeremey Cantrell's plugin for controlling virtualenvs from within vim. When used together with virtualenvwrapper, vim-virtualenv identifies the virtualenv to activate based on the name of the file being edited.


Below is a list of some of the templates available for use with :ref:`command-mkproject`.


The bitbucket extension automatically clones a mercurial repository from the specified bitbucket project.


The django extension automatically creates a new Django project.