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 "库, 每个任务都和其他的独立,这样你可以并行工作。因为本地的克隆很方便,在任何时"
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><para>
 #: ../en/ch02-tour-basic.xml:477
 "a file <filename>hello.c</filename> that contains the classic <quote>hello, "
 "world</quote> program."
 msgstr ""
+"在我们的<filename class=\"directory\">my-hello</filename>版本库中,有一个叫"
+"<filename>hello.c</filename>的文件,它包含了经典的<quote>hello, world</quote>"
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><para>
 #: ../en/ch02-tour-basic.xml:483
 msgid "Let's edit this file so that it prints a second line of output."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "我们编辑这个文件,让它打印第二行输出。"
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><para>
 #: ../en/ch02-tour-basic.xml:488
 "Mercurial's <command role=\"hg-cmd\">hg status</command> command will tell us "
 "what Mercurial knows about the files in the repository."
 msgstr ""
+"Mercurial的<command role=\"hg-cmd\">hg status</command>命令能告诉我们它对版本"
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><para>
 #: ../en/ch02-tour-basic.xml:494
 "\">hg status</command> will not print any output for files that have not been "
 msgstr ""
+"<command role=\"hg-cmd\">hg status</command>命令对有些文件没有输出信息,但是对"
+"为开头的输出。除非你明确告诉它,命令<command role=\"hg-cmd\">hg status</"
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><para>
 #: ../en/ch02-tour-basic.xml:501
 "before we started, or that we had modified the file after we were done; it "
 "was able to figure this out itself."
 msgstr ""
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><para>
 #: ../en/ch02-tour-basic.xml:509
 "changes we've made to it.  To do this, we use the <command role=\"hg-cmd\">hg "
 "diff</command> command."
 msgstr ""
+"<emphasis>什么</emphasis>样的修改。这时,我们应该使用 <command role=\"hg-cmd"
+"\">hg diff</command>命令。"
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><title>
 #: ../en/ch02-tour-basic.xml:518 ../en/ch12-mq.xml:187
 msgid ""
 "Remember to take a look at <xref linkend=\"sec:mq:patch\"/> if you don't know "
 "how to read output above."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "如果你不知道如何理解以上信息,请参考<xref linkend=\"sec:mq:patch\"/>。"
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><title>
 #: ../en/ch02-tour-basic.xml:526