Apache Directory Studio / settings.xml.release

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  Sample for settings.xml configuration to use to release Apache Directory Studio
<settings xmlns=""

    <!-- Server configuration for '' -->
        Authentication can be done via private key or password.
        Uncomment the line corresponding to your authentication method.

    <!-- Profile for to use for the release -->
          Configuration for artifacts signature
          If you want to use another key than the default one, uncomment the 
          following line.
          Configuration for jars signature
          This is an alternative URL for a deployment repository when doing a release
          mvn release:perform -Prelease 
          This is the URL built distributions (*.tar.gz and *.zip) of the studio
          will be deployed.
          This is the URL built sites of the studio will be copied to
          <!-- Configuration for signature of the jars using the keystore -->
    <!-- Profile for Windows -->
    <!-- Profile for Mac OS X -->
    <!-- Profile for Linux x86 -->
    <!-- Profile for x86_64 -->
    <!-- Profile for Linux PPC -->

    We need to activate these OS specific profiles, so all the distributions
    are generated and deployed to the repository.