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Apache Directory Studio Update Site:
The update site is located under https://directory.apache.org/studio/udpate. 

The main update site consists of the following files:


The update manager of Eclipse and the RCP application automatically tries to 
access the site.xml to get new updates or features. Our .htacces contains
a rewrite rule to forward from site.xml to site--xml.cgi. Ensure to rename
htaccess to .htaccess!

The site--xml.cgi just calls Apache's mirrors.cgi to get a list of available

The site--xml.html is a template of the real site.xml. The url of the 
preferred mirror determined by the cgi script is applied to this template.

With this trick the update manager always gets an URL to another mirror.
The update manager loads the features and plugins from these mirrors. So
the mirrors must contain the features and the plugins directories.