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Richard Bowen  committed 8d39ebd

Encourage best practice of putting complex arguments in quotes.

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File docs/manual/expr.xml

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 # Only allow access to this content during business hours
 <Directory "/foo/bar/business">
-    Require expr %{TIME_HOUR} -gt 9 && %{TIME_HOUR} -lt 17 
+    Require expr "%{TIME_HOUR} -gt 9 && %{TIME_HOUR} -lt 17"

File docs/manual/mod/mod_authz_core.xml

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   decisions on arbitrary expressions.</p>
     <highlight language="config">
-        Require expr %{TIME_HOUR} -ge 9 &amp;&amp; %{TIME_HOUR} -le 17 
+        Require expr "%{TIME_HOUR} -ge 9 &amp;&amp; %{TIME_HOUR} -le 17"
   <p>The syntax is described in the <a href="../expr.html">ap_expr</a>