Apache HTTP Server /

# Makefile for Windows NT and Windows 95/98/2000

# Targets are:
#   _apacher   - build Apache in Release mode
#   _apached   - build Apache in Debug mode
#   installr   - build and install a Release build
#   installd   - build and install a Debug build
#   clean      - remove (most) generated files
#   _cleanr    - remove (most) files generated by a Release build
#   _cleand    - remove (most) files generated by a Debug build
# The default installation directory is \Apache2.0. This can be changed
# with the INSTDIR macro, for example:
#   nmake /f INSTDIR="d:\Program Files\Apache" installr
# Note: this does *NOT* change the compiled in default "server root"
# Also be aware that certain awk's will not accept backslahed names,
# so the server root should be given in forward slashes (quoted),
# preferably with the drive designation!

!IF "$(INSTDIR)" == ""
!MESSAGE Using default install directory \Apache2.0

# Only default the behavior if MAKEOPT= is omitted
!IF "$(MAKE)" == "NMAKE"
# Microsoft NMake options
!ELSEIF "($MAKE)" == "make"
# Borland make options?  Not really supported (yet)

default:        _apacher

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f SHORT=R LONG=Release _build

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f SHORT=D LONG=Debug   _build

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f SHORT=R LONG=Release _build _install

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f SHORT=D LONG=Debug   _build _install




	echo Building Win32 $(LONG) targets ($(SHORT) suffixes)
	cd srclib\apr
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f apr.mak CFG="apr - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f libapr.mak CFG="libapr - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
	cd srclib\apr-util\xml\expat\lib
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f xml.mak CFG="xml - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
        cd ..\..\..
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f aprutil.mak CFG="aprutil - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f libaprutil.mak CFG="libaprutil - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
	cd srclib\pcre
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f dftables.mak CFG="dftables - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f pcre.mak CFG="pcre - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f pcreposix.mak CFG="pcreposix - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
	cd server
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f gen_uri_delims.mak CFG="gen_uri_delims - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f gen_test_char.mak CFG="gen_test_char - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..
	 -del $(LONG)\buildmark.obj
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f libhttpd.mak CFG="libhttpd - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Apache.mak CFG="Apache - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd modules\aaa
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_auth_anon.mak CFG="mod_auth_anon - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_auth_dbm.mak CFG="mod_auth_dbm - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_auth_digest.mak CFG="mod_auth_digest - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
	cd modules\cache
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_file_cache.mak CFG="mod_file_cache - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
	cd modules\dav\main
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_dav.mak CFG="mod_dav - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..\..
	cd modules\dav\fs
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_dav_fs.mak CFG="mod_dav_fs - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..\..
	cd modules\generators
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_info.mak CFG"=mod_info - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_status.mak CFG="mod_status - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
	cd modules\mappers
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_rewrite.mak CFG="mod_rewrite - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_speling.mak CFG="mod_speling - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
	cd modules\metadata
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_cern_meta.mak CFG="mod_cern_meta - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_expires.mak CFG="mod_expires - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_headers.mak CFG="mod_headers - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_usertrack.mak CFG="mod_usertrack - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
#	cd modules\proxy
#        $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f mod_proxy.mak CFG="mod_proxy - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
#       cd ..\..
	cd support
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ab.mak CFG="ab - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f htpasswd.mak CFG="htpasswd - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f htdigest.mak CFG="htdigest - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f logresolve.mak CFG="logresolve - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f rotatelogs.mak CFG="rotatelogs - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..

	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\bin"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\cgi-bin"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\conf"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\htdocs"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\htdocs\manual"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\icons"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\include"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\include\xml"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\include\pcre"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\lib"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\libexec"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\logs"
	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
#	-mkdir "$(INSTDIR)\proxy"
	copy $(LONG)\Apache.exe "$(INSTDIR)\bin"
	copy $(LONG)\libhttpd.dll "$(INSTDIR)\bin"
	copy srclib\apr\$(LONG)\libapr.dll "$(INSTDIR)\bin"
        copy srclib\apr-util\$(LONG)\libaprutil.dll "$(INSTDIR)\bin"
        copy modules\aaa\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
	copy modules\aaa\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
	copy modules\aaa\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
	copy modules\cache\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
        copy modules\dav\fs\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
        copy modules\dav\main\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
        copy modules\generators\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
        copy modules\generators\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
        copy modules\mappers\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
	copy modules\mappers\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
	copy modules\metadata\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
	copy modules\metadata\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
	copy modules\metadata\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
	copy modules\metadata\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
#       copy modules\proxy\$(LONG)\ "$(INSTDIR)\modules"
        copy support\$(LONG)\ab.exe "$(INSTDIR)\bin"
        copy support\$(LONG)\htpasswd.exe "$(INSTDIR)\bin"
	copy support\$(LONG)\htdigest.exe "$(INSTDIR)\bin"
	copy support\$(LONG)\logresolve.exe "$(INSTDIR)\bin"
	copy support\$(LONG)\rotatelogs.exe "$(INSTDIR)\bin"
        copy docs\cgi-examples\printenv "$(INSTDIR)\cgi-bin\"
        xcopy docs\docroot "$(INSTDIR)\htdocs" /d < <<
        xcopy docs\manual "$(INSTDIR)\htdocs\manual" /s /d < <<
	xcopy include\*.h "$(INSTDIR)\include" /d < <<
	xcopy srclib\apr\include\*.h "$(INSTDIR)\include" /d < <<
	xcopy srclib\apr-util\include\*.h "$(INSTDIR)\include" /d < <<
	xcopy srclib\pcre\*.h "$(INSTDIR)\include\pcre" /d < <<
        xcopy docs\icons "$(INSTDIR)\icons" /s /d < <<
	copy srclib\apr\Lib$(SHORT)\apr.lib "$(INSTDIR)\lib"
	copy srclib\apr-util\Lib$(SHORT)\aprutil.lib "$(INSTDIR)\lib"
	copy srclib\pcre\Lib$(SHORT)\pcre.lib "$(INSTDIR)\lib"
	copy srclib\pcre\Lib$(SHORT)\pcreposix.lib "$(INSTDIR)\lib"
	copy srclib\apr\$(LONG)\libapr.lib "$(INSTDIR)\libexec"
	copy srclib\apr\$(LONG)\libapr.exp "$(INSTDIR)\libexec"
	copy srclib\apr-util\$(LONG)\libaprutil.lib "$(INSTDIR)\libexec"
	copy srclib\apr-util\$(LONG)\libaprutil.exp "$(INSTDIR)\libexec"
	copy $(LONG)\libhttpd.exp "$(INSTDIR)\libexec"
	copy $(LONG)\libhttpd.lib "$(INSTDIR)\libexec"
	copy modules\dav\main\$(LONG)\mod_dav.exp "$(INSTDIR)\libexec"
	copy modules\dav\main\$(LONG)\mod_dav.lib "$(INSTDIR)\libexec"
	copy docs\conf\magic "$(INSTDIR)\conf\magic.default"
        if not exist "$(INSTDIR)\conf\magic" \
            copy "$(INSTDIR)\conf\magic.default" "$(INSTDIR)\conf\magic"
        copy docs\conf\mime.types "$(INSTDIR)\conf\mime.types.default"
        if not exist "$(INSTDIR)\conf\mime.types" \
            copy "$(INSTDIR)\conf\mime.types.default" "$(INSTDIR)\conf\mime.types"
	awk -f <<script.awk "docs\conf\httpd-win.conf" "$(INSTDIR)\conf\httpd.default.conf" "$(INSTDIR)"
    BEGIN { 
        srcfl = ARGV[1];
        dstfl = ARGV[2];
        serverroot = ARGV[3];
        gsub( /\\/, "/", serverroot );
        while ( ( getline < srcfl ) > 0 ) {
            gsub( /@@ServerRoot@@/, serverroot );
            print $$0 > dstfl;
	if not exist "$(INSTDIR)\conf\httpd.conf" \
            copy "$(INSTDIR)\conf\httpd.default.conf" "$(INSTDIR)\conf\httpd.conf"
	awk -f <<script.awk "support\" >"$(INSTDIR)\bin\"
    { if ( $$0 ~ /^BEGIN { @AnyDBM_File::/ ) {
          sub( /ISA = qw\(.*\)/, "ISA = qw(SDBM_File)" ); 
      if ( $$0 !~ /^#!@perlbin@/ )
          print $$0;
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