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Support files:

	ABuse your server with this benchmarker. Rudimentary
	command line testing tool.

	Apache run-time Control script. To facilitate the
	administrator and/or your rc.d scripts to control the 
	functioning of the Apache httpd daemon.

	APache eXtenSion tool. Eases building and installing
	DSO style modules.

	Create and update user authentication files in the faster
	DBM format used by mod_auth_db.

    Keep the size of mod_disk_cache store within a certain limit.

	Create and update user authentication files used in
	DIGEST authentification. See mod_auth_digest.

	Create and update user authentication files used in
	BASIC authentification. I.e. the htpasswd files.
	See mod_auth.

	General apache man page.

	This script is designed to be run at a frequent interval by something
	like cron.  It connects to the server and downloads the status
	information.  It reformats the information to a single line and logs
	it to a file. 

	resolve hostnames for IP-adresses in Apache logfiles

	This script can be used to detect people trying to abuse an ancient
	and long plugged security hole which existed in a CGI script distributed
	with Apache 1.0.3 and earlier versions.

	rotate Apache logs without having to kill the server.

	This script will take a combined virtual hosts access
	log file and break its contents into separate files.

	Switch User For Exec. Used internally by apache, 
        see  the  document  `Apache  suEXEC  Support'
	under http://www.apache.org/docs/suexec.html .

	This directory includes some utilities to allow Apache 1.3.6 to 
	recognize passwords in SHA1 format, as used by Netscape web 
	servers. It is not installed by default.

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