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Apache HTTP Server / Makefile.win

# Makefile for Windows NT and Windows 95/98/2000

# Targets are:
#   _apacher   - build Apache in Release mode
#   _apached   - build Apache in Debug mode
#   installr   - build and install a Release build
#   installd   - build and install a Debug build
#   clean      - remove (most) generated files
#   _cleanr    - remove (most) files generated by a Release build
#   _cleand    - remove (most) files generated by a Debug build
#   installdll - build the InstallShield helper dll (Release only)
# The default installation directory is \Apache. This can be changed
# with the INSTDIR macro, for example:
#   nmake /f Makefile.win INSTDIR="d:\Program Files\Apache" installr
# Note: this does *NOT* change the compiled in default "server root"

!IF "$(INSTDIR)" == ""
!MESSAGE Using default install directory \Apache

# Only default the behavior if MAKEOPT= is omitted
!IF "$(MAKE)" == "NMAKE"
# Microsoft NMake options
!ELSEIF "($MAKE)" == "make"
# Borland make options?  Not really supported (yet)

default:        _apacher

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Makefile.win SHORT=R LONG=Release _build

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Makefile.win SHORT=D LONG=Debug   _build

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Makefile.win SHORT=R LONG=Release _build _install

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Makefile.win SHORT=D LONG=Debug   _build _install

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Makefile.win SHORT=R LONG=Release CTARGET=CLEAN _build

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Makefile.win SHORT=D LONG=Debug   CTARGET=CLEAN _build

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Makefile.win SHORT=R LONG=Release CTARGET=CLEAN _build
	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Makefile.win SHORT=D LONG=Debug   CTARGET=CLEAN _build
	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Makefile.win SHORT=R LONG=Release CTARGET=CLEAN _installdll

	$(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Makefile.win SHORT=R LONG=Release _installdll

	echo Building Win32 $(LONG) targets ($(SHORT) suffixes)
	cd lib\apr
#	 aprlibdll creates the dynamic aprlib.dll from the static library project aprlib.dsp
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f aprlib.mak CFG="aprlib - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f aprlibdll.mak CFG="aprlibdll - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
	cd lib\expat-lite
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f xmltok.mak CFG="xmltok - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f xmlparse.mak CFG="xmlparse - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
	cd lib\pcre
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f dftables.mak CFG="dftables - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f pcre.mak CFG="pcre - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f pcreposix.mak CFG="pcreposix - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
	cd lib\sdbm
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f sdbmlib.mak CFG="sdbmlib - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
        cd ..\..
	cd main
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f gen_uri_delims.mak CFG="gen_uri_delims - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f gen_test_char.mak CFG="gen_test_char - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..
	 -del Core$(SHORT)\buildmark.obj
#	 ApacheCoreDll creates the dynamic ApacheCore.dll from the static library project ApacheCore
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheCore.mak CFG="ApacheCore - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheCoreDll.mak CFG="ApacheCoreDll - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f Apache.mak CFG="Apache - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd os\win32
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleStatus.mak CFG="ApacheModuleStatus - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
#        $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleInfo.mak CFG"=ApacheModuleInfo - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleAuthAnon.mak CFG="ApacheModuleAuthAnon - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleAuthDigest.mak CFG="ApacheModuleAuthDigest - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleCERNMeta.mak CFG="ApacheModuleCERNMeta - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleExpires.mak CFG="ApacheModuleExpires - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleFileCache.mak CFG="ApacheModuleFileCache - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleHeaders.mak CFG="ApacheModuleHeaders - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleSpeling.mak CFG="ApacheModuleSpeling - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleUserTrack.mak CFG="ApacheModuleUserTrack - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleRewrite.mak CFG="ApacheModuleRewrite - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..
#       cd modules\proxy
#        $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ApacheModuleProxy.mak CFG="ApacheModuleProxy - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
#       cd ..\..
	cd support
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f ab.mak CFG="ab - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f htpasswd.mak CFG="htpasswd - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
         $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f htdigest.mak CFG="htdigest - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f logresolve.mak CFG="logresolve - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f rotatelogs.mak CFG="rotatelogs - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..

	-mkdir $(INSTDIR)
	-mkdir $(INSTDIR)\modules
	-mkdir $(INSTDIR)\logs
	-mkdir $(INSTDIR)\conf
	-mkdir $(INSTDIR)\bin
	copy Apache$(SHORT)\Apache.exe $(INSTDIR)
	copy Core$(SHORT)\ApacheCore.dll $(INSTDIR)
	copy lib\apr\$(LONG)\aprlib.dll $(INSTDIR)
        copy lib\expat-lite\XMLParse$(SHORT)\xmlparse.dll $(INSTDIR)
        copy lib\expat-lite\XMLTok$(SHORT)\xmltok.dll $(INSTDIR)
        copy os\win32\ApacheModuleStatus$(SHORT)\ApacheModuleStatus.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
#       copy os\win32\ApacheModuleInfo$(SHORT)\ApacheModuleInfo.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
	copy os\win32\ApacheModuleAuthAnon$(SHORT)\ApacheModuleAuthAnon.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
	copy os\win32\ApacheModuleAuthDigest$(SHORT)\ApacheModuleAuthDigest.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
	copy os\win32\ApacheModuleCERNMeta$(SHORT)\ApacheModuleCERNMeta.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
	copy os\win32\ApacheModuleExpires$(SHORT)\ApacheModuleExpires.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
	copy os\win32\ApacheModuleFileCache$(SHORT)\ApacheModuleFileCache.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
	copy os\win32\ApacheModuleHeaders$(SHORT)\ApacheModuleHeaders.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
        copy os\win32\ApacheModuleRewrite$(SHORT)\ApacheModuleRewrite.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
	copy os\win32\ApacheModuleSpeling$(SHORT)\ApacheModuleSpeling.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
	copy os\win32\ApacheModuleUserTrack$(SHORT)\ApacheModuleUserTrack.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
#       copy modules\proxy\$(LONG)\ApacheModuleProxy.dll $(INSTDIR)\modules
        copy support\$(LONG)\ab.exe $(INSTDIR)\bin
        copy support\$(LONG)\htpasswd.exe $(INSTDIR)\bin
	copy support\$(LONG)\htdigest.exe $(INSTDIR)\bin
	copy support\$(LONG)\logresolve.exe $(INSTDIR)\bin
	copy support\$(LONG)\rotatelogs.exe $(INSTDIR)\bin

	cd os\win32\installer\installdll
	 $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f install.mak CFG="install - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 $(CTARGET)
	cd ..\..\..